Guest Blog: teal in the bedroom

The team at AGCTK was stoked to be approached by Arcadian Lighting, inquiring if we would like to include their writers as guest bloggers on our site. This week we’re sharing a post from Joanna at Arcadian, who is featuring fabulous teal accents in bedrooms. Let us know what you think of her inspiration pieces, and check out all the sweet lighting they offer.

Hi! Joanna here. I’m a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a terrific online source for chandeliers and other light fixtures in various styles and finishes. I love to create posts like this one to give blog readers interior design ideas for their own homes. Today, I’ve brought you teal bedrooms. I hope you enjoy!

Teal sits on the color spectrum between green and blue. It is a more sophisticated version of turquoise and promotes spiritual advancement and commitment. When used in the bedroom, teal offers an elegant touch which looks terrific when complemented with many others colors. Following are a few teal bedrooms to give you some ideas for decorating your own bedroom.

A mirrored canopy bed reflects the teal of the ceiling, bed linens and other furnishings. The black side tables add balance to the room.
Coral is the complementary color of teal, so it would only be right that a bedroom featuring both hues would be so lovely.
Luxury and beauty are plentiful in this teal bedroom with its glamorous elements including a tufted headboard and silk comforter. The little wall sconces at either side of the bed are so sweet.
A black and white bed gets infused with teal from an accent wall and hints of colour on the pillows.
This neutral bedroom features only hints of teal in a blanket and a few accessories.
A teal accent wall is vibrant against the pristine white of the bed and chair. The fuchsia pillows are a nice contrast with the teal.
Teal green accents this eclectic bedroom with an ornate painted headboard and mirrored furnishings.
A little girl’s room is dressed in its own version of teal and turquoise. The Eiffel tower light fixture is a whimsical touch. Such as pretty room to grow up in!

What do you think of these teal bedrooms? Leave us comments below! Also, be sure to visit our site for more ceiling lights, pendant lights, and wall sconces, as well as inspirational lighting ideas!


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