Chicks at Home: a Houzz feature and a DIY

I was recently approached by the lovely Megan Buchanan, of Cedar + Gray, to showcase my home as a feature property on Houzz. Super stoked to open my home to her, and of course extremely flattered at the suggestion, I realized that I had a few fun things I wanted to get done to my space before Megan (and her camera) arrived. So in true Chicks fashion, the girls got to work, put our creative minds together, and came up with some fresh and fun ways to add that “little extra” to the house. Our fave finishing touch is the stair risers – I had originally painted them a bright apple green to match the surrounding wallpaper, but it had quickly begun to look dull and the one colour paint wasn’t wearing the year of scuff marks very well. I didn’t want to simply sand it down and return the risers to the original wood, so we used scraps of old wallpaper to recover and “fab up” the stairs! Not quite done, I hit up my usual go-to spot for cool treasures, Space Lab, and found vintage brass numbers that were originally door markers on the VGH Nurse’s residences; I repurposed them, numbered the stairs and ended up with a colourful and interactive staircase. Check out Megan’s full Houzz feature, and if you want to try this out for yourself, here’s our DIY photo guide.

step 1: remove baseboards or trim on the risers
step 2: number the trim pieces and get your tools organized
step 3: select your wallpaper, measure the risers and cut the paper (we used a half inch overage for shrinkage)
step 4: apply paste to backside of wallpaper strips, lightly fold in half and let set for 10 minutes
step 5: apply wallpaper to the risers and smooth out the bubbles
step 6: repeat on each riser with the desired wallpaper
step 7: once the paper paper has fully dried, use a sharp edge blade to trim off excess
step 8: reapply trim pieces and nail in the numbers (we used vintage brass numbers, but house numbers from any hardware store will do!) Voila – your super fab stairs are done and sure to impress your guests.

2 thoughts on “Chicks at Home: a Houzz feature and a DIY

    • Hi Sandra – these papers were odds and ends we’ve collected over a few years… pieces that were too small for any significant wallpaper project. Some were found at Benjamin Moore within their more modern books, some were from wallpaper agencies like Anne Starr. Glad you like them!

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