Head West, fashionistas!

I’ve been waiting (and waiting) for my favourite market, Portobello West, to spring up again and this past Saturday marked the payoff for my patience! I ventured into Olympic Village to check out the seasonal event, which is inspired by the famous artisan markets of Europe. I found some fabulous vendors and treasures – check out my favourite finds!

Designer, Noriko, of Dancing Leaf Design creates one of a kind jewelry that brings together elements of elegant and feminine.  I fell in love with this no-longer ticking vintage watch embellished with gemstones and tiny gold painted roses. Just because it doesn’t tick, doesn’t mean it won’t make a beautiful bracelet!

My favourite fashion piece of the market was the clutches from Clutches of Karma. They showcased beautiful hand created snakeskin clutches, made in Portugal. A portion of the profit goes back to educate the children of Portugal. I coveted the royal blue snakeskin clutch, visualizing the perfect shoes to match. Check them out online at www.clutchesofkarma.com!

After a hard day’s “work”, I finished the day off with a pulled pork and citrus taco from a food truck just outside. Yum. The next market will be held May 26th + 27th from 11am – 5pm, you don’t want to miss it! I won’t…

– Chelsea Jackson






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