Oscar fashions in tune with home decor fashions

Like many style-saavy-fashion-hungry viewers, the Chicks nestled in Sunday night for an evening of feasting our eyes on (mostly) fabulous fashion. Although it’s fun to see the winners vs. losers and hear all the speeches, I must admit I solely tune in to see who’s wearing what, with who, and who takes the biggest risk with style. This year it was fun to see how much the red carpet fashions correlate to what’s hot in home style; from ultra-glam neutrals to bold and bright gemstone palettes to tone-on-tone chic, we saw it all there as we do in our daily work. Check out who we thought represented the trends best!

Ultra-glam Neutrals:

Octavia Spencer
Jennifer Lopez
Cameron Diaz
Gwenyth Paltrow
Kristen Wiig
Francesca Lo Schiavo

Bright & Bold Gemtones:

Michelle Williams
Willow Bay (far right in blue, with husband Bob Iger and the Prince & Princess of Monaco)
Viola Davis

Tone-on-tone chic, mastered by the men!

Martin Scorcese
Christian Bale
Jonah Hill

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