Frugal Fall Fashions: the Chicks picks

Ditching my grocery shopping duties at Superstore over the weekend, I found myself arms-and-eyes-overloaded with the new Fall fashions from Joe Fresh. I mean, who wants to shop for broccoli when there are shoes to be bought? Seriously. I’m sure I heard the woman working the fitting rooms groan as she saw me coming – full wardrobe in tow – to put on a little fashion show for myself; there were so many great finds (at even better prices) that I simply had to share it. Check out my picks and I would definitely suggest making your way to Joe to find your own fave fashions… you (and your wallet) won’t be disappointed.

Nude sheer blouse; $39
Black riding pants; $49 (grey version also available)
Grey fine-rib tee with elbow patches; $19
Black faux-shearling cropped vest; $39
Plaid button-front shirt; $24
Fitted cotton stripe dress; $19
Camel + mustard light knit sweater; $29
Metallic gold lace-up flats; $79
Oversized black-on-black aviators; $19

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