AGCTK’s Design Critique with the BC Best Young Designer Judges

We had a fabulous time designing Suite 451 at Morgan Crossing for the BC Best Young Designer Competition, but the walk through of our creative process and final design with the judges was the true test of our work. Receiving creative input and critique on how our team chose to implement our vision from such an amazing trio of judges was certainly rewarding and, of course, lots of fun. The ever-chic @sarah_bancroft of @vitamindaily, Kari Henshaw of @design_insight and Matthew Budgeon provided some great tips for us on how they would have tweaked the final design – check out the video and let us know your thoughts!


One thought on “AGCTK’s Design Critique with the BC Best Young Designer Judges

  1. I WANT WANT those dining chairs!!! WANT!

    Love what you are wearing too 🙂

    He seems like a good critic, they all did for sure, but he seemed harder to please, so if he was all about what you did, then I would feel purdy amazing about what you pulled off. I just love the whole thing, but must have been nice to hear the other side of it. And whatever about the too much wallpaper in the nursery… one of the things I heard most from people (waaaay more people looked at it than commented, sorry) was that they loved how you used the same wallpaper on all walls, but only did one in orange. Hmph… whatever 🙂

    Great contacts to make though! And look who got their suite photographed repeatedly for all the media! Such stunning work!

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