Loving the light

A design principle that we swear by is that no matter how cool your home is, the lighting you select will set the stage. For us, a particular light piece will often spark the inspiration for an entire design. Whether your budget is extra-tight or extraordinary, thoughtful sourcing for lighting is key to a stylish space. This is our second post (of many) on fabulous lights available for a wide variety of aesthetics. Let us know what you think – we’ve got our fave, what’s yours?

Glass chainlink chandelier - $689 from Industrial Revolution (www.industrialrevolution.net)
Daughtry glass antiqued pendant - $297 from Mint Interiors (www.mintinteriors.ca)
Globe pendant - $299 from EQ3 (www.eq3.com)
Glass table lamp - $1,190 from Mint Interiors
Tentales pendant lamp - $550 from Industrial Revolution
Brass barrel chandelier - custom piece ($TBA) from Space Lab (http://space-lab.tumblr.com/)
Mercury pendant lamp - $320 from Industrial Revolution
Mason hammered iron pendants - starting at $387 from Mint Interiors
Crystallized glass rope chandelier - $1,397.64 from Robinson Lighting & Bath (http://www.rlrbc.com/)
Chrome & spaghetti pendant lamp - $373.92 from Robinson Lighting & Bath
Wicked vintage lamp- $195 from Metropolitan Home (1626 West 2 Avenue #102, Vancouver)
Vintage photographer's light - $175 from Attic Treasures (944 Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

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