The Right Light

As the days get colder and daylight slips away before dinner, ambiance lighting in your home is more important than ever; this week’s post is the first of many to come dedicated to our fave interior lights that we have found over the last few months. From floor lamps to chandeliers to super cool table lights, they all have the ability to set the stage for your home – and, if correctly chosen, act as art pieces in their own right! Check them out and let us know which one is your favourite…

This oversized architectural paper chandelier, found at Ikea, added a super fun feel to this dining room and totally complimented the pattern on the wallpaper; the print from the light/ shadow castoff adds an interesting feel, especially on the teal painted ceiling. *Side note, the modular bench was a sweet score from ReFind Home Furnishings on Main.
These super fabulous yellow table lamps became the inspiration for a whole home makeover - not only do they light up traditionally, but they also light from the interior base. Found at one of our fave spots for treasures, SpaceLab on Main.
This lamp, from INspriration Furniture (*ask to speak to Zareen, she's amazing at helping your find the perfect piece!) are a traditional-meets-modern twist on the classic arc lamp.
We love the artichoke lamp from Motiv in Kits for it's architectural design; a great addition to any modern space yet offers soft, ambient lighting.
This is another gem from SpaceLab; it has a chic outdoor feel but would make an amazing oversized dining room chandelier. With smoked glass panels and multiple bulbs, it allows you to play with brightness and mood as much as you can scale.
While this caught our eye in our search for the perfect industrial desk lamp, it turns out that it is an original sun lamp! Speak to Clint at SpaceLab, he has plans to turn it into a proper lighting system. Adjustable in height, this piece would be a chic addition to any ecclectic, industrial home.
Another base-lit-optional lamp, we found this single beauty at Wholesale Antiques & Used Furniture on Main Street. The saturated colour an large size makes this a playful yet elegant piece in entranceway.

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