Art from the Heart

As new Mama’s, the Chicks have been seeking out stylish ways to do up a nursery; the typical pastel teddy bears and balloons of our younger years simply won’t do as we try to keep the chic throughout our homes. Kids rooms need to have personality and style, and we have found just the right accessories to max out the fun. Childish Designs, based out of Langley, BC, is hand-made art made especially for the little ones! We are LOVING the “owls” and are thinking that these might be fabulous, extra-special gifts for the Chick-lettes this Holiday Season. Check out the website at or you can contact the designer, Amanda, via email at See her gallery on Facebook, too!

Umm, could this be more perfect for The Chicks???



Art pieces can be created over numerous canvases for a creative and large-format look.


Is life with your kids a zoo? Then this giraffe will be perfectly at home in your nursery šŸ™‚


Cap'n Jack Sparrow's (almost) got nothing on the cute factor of this pirate! Add a little attitude with a piece like this for your little man or lady and their smile will be worth a pirate's booty of gold!

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