Kerrisdale Character House Makeover!

We have just wrapped another home makeover! We had the pleasure of working with a fabulous young family who wanted to add a splash of their own personality into their amazing Kerrisdale character home. It was super fun to meet and learn about the family, and inject each of their interests into the space. Check out the photos, courtesy of Vincent Lee (, and let us know what you think!

These knitted pouffs created kid-friendly (and approved!) extra seating in the Great Room, as well as doubling as perfect footstools and eye catching accessories!
A mix of old and new inspired this family room work station.
Custom art of the family and their travels - with a pop art twist - added a lot of personal interest to the home.
Teal paint and stellar light casts from the chandelier turned the dining room ceiling into a canvas of it's own!
Wicked Sanderson wallpaper (found at the Anne Starr Agency) set an incredible backdrop for a large family table and an ultra cool modular storage bench, found at ReFind Home Furnishings.
A family kitchen isn't complete without a special spot for the little ones to eat! A removable chalk board makes dinner time exra fun and even educational 🙂
Plauful valances and a space-saving kitchen table allow the room to be open to little ones playing and family gatherings.

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