Smart Art: design decals

Brought to you courtesy of Ariel Chao – enjoy!

Don’t know what to do with your empty walls? Tired of your paint but don’t want to spend a fortune on fabulous artwork or a new paint job? Get creative and try out wall decals! Everyone can feel like an artist and turn their blank walls into a work of art. With a price range of $15-$100, you can’t go wrong – try a new one each season! These funky wall stickers are removable, won’t ruin the paint and are ideal for tenants who aren’t allowed to paint. Some are re-“stickable” if you need to move them and the application process is super easy. Depending on the designer, they generally come in a wide variety of colours and sizes. It’s an easy, pain-free, playful way to customize your space!

“Blik” products are my favorite with the best designs. “Blik” collaborates with different artists creating cutting-edge wall graphics that capture everyone’s imagination. Full online store at:
More Blik decal options - love grouping them to create an art wall!
Our local arts and crafts go-to store, Deserres, also has some super chic options and extra fantastic price points.

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