Meet this week’s Guest Blogger: Sarah Danniels

Wow! it has been way too long since we were in touch with our blog… the last month or so has been a whirlwind for the Chicks! On top of a busy work month, there is a new little “Chick-lette” in our gang: Rachel welcomed the arrival of her daughter, Layla Elizabeth on August the 10th 🙂 We have had an incredible time getting to know her and introducing her to the other “Chick-lette” among us, Sienna Ruby. Born just a day shy of exactly a year apart, we’re sure these two little ladies will grow up to be besties just like their Mamas!

In light of this recent excitement (and the obvious time away for Rachel) we have decided to welcome a few interns to join the Chicks. While they are superstars for us with our daily work activities, we have also invited them to be guest bloggers for us and give them a platform to share their creative inspiration with you. This week’s blog postings are brought to you by Sarah Danniels – her first Haute List will follow shortly (and keep your eyes peeled for her Cool Finds in a few days).

Toronto-born Sarah Danniels is now Vancouver-based and ready to take on the local Fashion scene. Sarah has decided to enhance her educational background and Bachelor’s Degree with formal training in Fashion at the Blanche Macdonald Centre. After aligning herself and gaining experience working with the city’s premier agencies and industry talent, Sarah has grown into a developing Stylist to watch out for in the future! She can be contacted at

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