Sweet Nespresso

This week, finding our “must-have” was a real treat… literally! We popped into Provide on Beatty Street (across from Cafe Medina, one of our most fave spots) to check out some of the pretty things we spotted in the window and must have looked like we needed a “pick-me-up”; David, who actually manages the Provide blog of lovely things (www.providehome.blogspot.com), was fast and fabulous to offer a fresh made espresso from the gorgeous Nespresso machine they have in-store. While we sipped away, we let our eyes drool over these beauties of machines! Available in a lovely selection of colours, they start at only $299 – a real steal for the treat our tastebuds had! http://www.providehome.com.

The black colour option, shown with milk steamer (and pretty cups!)
The vanilla colour option, shown sans steamer

One thought on “Sweet Nespresso

  1. Not to mention, how fabulous would that little white number look perched upon your kitchen counter! “Good morning Nespresso…” “Good morning Chicks, may I make you a bevvy?” Yup… niiiice.

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