The Haute List: June 22nd

The Chicks had a fashion action packed day shopping for clients and ran into a fabulous bunch of trendy Vancouver-ites to share with you!

BRIT: DIANE FARRIS GALLERY - VANCOUVER. Brit was too cute not to stop on the street outside the gallery where she works. Her pixie-meets-Paris style was complete with an adorable blazer, slim fitting denim and perfect flats. To top off her look: a fabulous rich-brown messenger style purse.
CARLA: FRONT & COMPANY - VANCOUVER. Carla's meticulously Main Street style caught our eye - especially the beautiful floral print blouse topped with a steely blue cardigan. Our favourite part? The chunky black rimmed nerd-meets-chic eyewear!
ANASTASIA: TAHARI SPECIALIST AT HOLT RENFREW - VANCOUVER. Who wouldn't stop and stare at Anastasia? This lovely gal had her style nailed; from a perfectly polished bob and bright jewels, right down to the subtle yet stunning Tahari dress and chic shoes. Nice work, Anastasia!
NANCY - VANCOUVER. Rocker-meets-biker-meets-runway personified! Nancy's style was perfectly put together: a great leather jacket with bold hardware, a stunning metallic mesh oversized bag and cute flats. The look was "topped off" with a stylishly carefree blonde 'do.
AGATA: UBC RESEARCH ASSISTANT - VANCOUVER. Agata (ps: what a beautiful name!) really knows how to work her outfit! A belt that totally shows off her waist and hourglass silhouette, with a super cute short skirt to let those legs strut their stuff! And another killer pair of glasses today 🙂
VANESSA AND CARISSA - VANCOUVER. Two fun outfits amongst friends 🙂 Vanessa, who works in fashion, looks fab in a trendy pair of grey trousers and loose fitting tank; Carissa, who works for a local housing co-op, channels a totally vintage vibe - right down to the neck scarf and red pumps. Adorable!
CAREY - VANCOUVER. What a treat to see this exquisite East Coast Beach inspired look in the mall today! Perfectly polished yet seemingly so effortless... isn't that what we all aspire to achieve? Nicely done, Carey!
TERESA - VANCOUVER. Summer meets style with this great look! A simple black top with grey trouser shorts really allow the gladiator sandals to shine... a sleek but simpler outfit is a great way to show off a fabulous accessory, letting it be the "statement" piece in your ensemble. Teresa's boyfriend looked super trendy as well - skinny (but not too skinny) extra dark denim with spanking white sneakers and a fitted button down gave him a fun yet fashionable look to keep up with his girl!

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